Soniyah Singh

Soniyah Singh

Soniyah Singh

Simply put, Finding Bliss founder Soniyah Singh is in love with love. She’s a passionate, warm, magnetic and fiery Relationship Coach. Her gentleness and assertiveness makes her unique in her passion for helping people find the love they want. As a long-standing part of her family’s culture, matchmaking had been woven into her being – yet she discovered her passion almost by “accident” and Soniyah believes all “accidents” are guided for us.

Initially, she had joined a local matchmaking service as a candidate. The day before she was contacted for her first match, she had been laid off her job which opened her up to the opportunity of being a personal assistant to the CEO and Founder of the Matchmaking company, rather than being a match for her client. This consulting position with the company soon became a full-time matchmaking position, where Soniyah uncovered her natural talent for facilitating deep and meaningful connections. She supported 11 matchmakers all over the Bay Area, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, along with managing her clients and assisting the founder’s tasks. Although this experience led her to so much knowledge, it wasn’t fulfilling to her, although her passion was still there. Leaving her first company and on the hunt for her match with another company.

Soniyah joined a Matchmaking company for gay men. With gay men, she felt safe and heard and so did her clients. There was no conflict of interest. It was during this time she had a transformational session with a gay client while reaching a breakthrough with him – she unearthed her own sexuality, for the first time recognizing and embracing herself as a gay woman. This life-changing experience left Soniyah with a profound connectedness to her gay male clients.

After consulting with these two companies, she realized she couldn’t work for a company anymore. Her unique talents exceeded far beyond a set of rules that came from consulting with companies. At this time Soniyah started to also discover who she was and and what her purpose was in this life. While skeptical of “Coaching” and “Spirituality” she started working with her teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer, and her coach at the time, Tereza Morena. She quickly understood that both companies were guides for her to discover her true gifts.

Soniyah created Finding Bliss in 2009 because she truly believes in the power and joy of love. Soniyah’s life took many turns with both personal and professional challenges, which led her to becoming a love researcher. Her burning desire soon became truly understanding what it takes to find love. She quickly knew that true love requires clear intention along with the right mindset. In turn, as part of her signature process, Soniyah started to coach her clients to overcome fears of acceptance, rejection, and to ultimately help them become open to allowing love to find its way in.

Soniyah’s research showed that about almost half of her Matchmaking clients were finding love and about half of them found love on their own. Another astonishing number was that a majority of her relationship coaching clients found love, and most of them found love on their own.  It took her many years of successes and defeats, to finally delve deep into what the patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and feelings of each of her clients were: both for her clients that were finding love, and her clients that were still struggling. The research was clear as day. The magic was not in the introduction, the magic was in what Soniyah calls “the work”. After 6 years  of doing traditional matchmaking, she expanded her business to empowered matchmaking, relationship coaching, and interviewing successful couples.

Soniyah doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks her walk. Soniyah has personally and professionally  developed tremendously over the years. She understands today that her heartbreaks and challenges were her gifts to facilitate others on the path to finding the love they want, by loving themselves. Soniyah’s teachings come from her personal experiences, along with all the clients she’s worked with. She actively works with coaches because she believes the best people are always growing and expanding. She says “Michael Phelps doesn’t fire his coach after winning the gold metal, he wakes up the next day and goes back at it. Her teacher’s include Dr. Aidan Kinsella, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brene Brown, and Tony Robbins along with all of her personal and professional coaches.

Soniyah launched Finding Bliss 2.0 because of her passion for helping people find sustainable love. She now works with singles, couples and workplaces. Personally working with her clients over the last 8 years has lead her down a path more fulfilling than she could have ever imagined.

She’s known as the Warrior of Bliss, Spitfire, Love Coach, Magic Matchmaker, and so much more. Her dream is to do a Soul Session with Oprah Winfrey about her love research to show that love is inevitable and its possible for anyone who is willing to do the “work”.


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