Finding Bliss Fans

Do you know someone who is a great catch and single?

Do you know a couple that is frustrated in their relationship?

Do you know of a company that wants to increase productivity by creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace?

Send them to Soniyah!

90% of Soniyah’s clients come from personal introductions because they feel safe and trust the person who introduced them.

The 4-steps to creating a powerful introduction:


Build trust

Listen and connect to what your loved one is looking for and repeat something they have shared with you.


Edify your loved one or colleague

Give them a genuine compliment.


Edify Soniyah

Give a genuine compliment

For example: “Soniyah is really skilled at what she does, she has helped hundreds of people get the love they want.”



“Would you like me to introduce you to Soniyah via e-mail or have her call you?”