Love Research

Love Research

Share your story to ignite inspiration and help others see what’s possible!

Soniyah researches love by interviewing people who are single, in a relationship and all the in-betweens, along with studying the works of experts and pioneers in the industry. Soniyah has been researching love for over 8 years. What she has found through her research is that 80% of couples are unhappy and 60% end-up divorced.

So her question is, what are the 20% doing differently?

What are their patterns?
What are their beliefs?
What are their behaviors?
How do they feel?

Soniyah has focused her research on discovering what the 20% do differently and has integrated the findings into her practice to facilitate sustainable love for her clients.

Love documentary based on this research coming soon!


What Our Clients Have to Say

Soniyah did so much more for me than just match make; she gave me my own life back. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Scott, 43

When I signed up I though I was getting help with meeting potential men for relationships and what I got was a sense of self  and a sense that anything is possible

Stan, 43

Soniyah made me realize that I needed to accept and allow myself to heal from and to forgive the past. Having done so, I found my heart again. I took a giant leap of faith and have never been happier.

Adriana, 46

Working with Soniyah has been fantastic! The coaching sessions alone have been worth their weight in gold. I have found out so much about myself.

Todd, 41

Your methods definitely work! I’ve been happily seeing Austin for the past few months, using your lessons and this morning he told me that he loved me

Austin, 54

We are living together and are very happily in love. I’m very fortunate to have met someone that gets me and I feel like I’ve definitely found my person

Jason, 29

She facilitates the process of self-love and mindfulness with such compassion and talent; I am incredibly grateful for her. I recommend her to everyone I know.  She is brilliant.

John, 36

Her ability to match is a priceless quality that I can never associate a price with. She will help you find bliss.

Brian, 52

She made us feel comfortable and she made it very easy to talk to her as a trusted listener. I felt like I could tell her anything and that’s just what we did.

Becky 39 and Michelle 43

Her session with us was a catalyst for instant, profound connection. She created a space filled with love and ease so we could be vulnerable with one another.

Tara 29 and Ron 32

I worked with Soniyah on matchmaking services, and I got so much more from her

Steven, 52

Soniyah has helped me unlock defenses that therapy failed to touch; especially, she has given me hope.

Page, 66

Soniyah has helped me learn how to open up and be honest about my history, my feelings, my accomplishments along the way.

Seth, 50

She is able to screen out people that are simply not right for me which saves me lots of time and emotional heartache.

Kris, 43

Attractive, just my type, got better over the time together.

Tina, 43