#LoveWins – Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage


It is beautiful, it is fun, it is exciting and it’s liberating.

It’s a moment in history that will move generations ahead, Supreme Court’s Decision on same-sex marriage.

It is freedom! Freedom to love. Let’s take a moment and celebrate how far we have come. I know that I feel immense gratitude, as do many of my clients, my partner and all our families that are a part of this revolution.

Finding Bliss was at San Francisco Pride this weekend, being grateful and rejoicing in celebration. The passion I have for love feels even greater and immeasurable.

Love is possible for you and anyone who has a burning desire to give it and receive it. I feel more inspired than ever to create more thriving relationships. I hope you take a moment and raise your glass with PRIDE in your heart and remember that #LoveWins, it always has and always will.