What the F is Self-Compassion?

3-Elements-of-Self-CompassionWhat the F is Self-Compassion?

It’s new to me too, maybe in the last 3 years or so I have really stared to have more self-compassion. It’s actually essential for our well-being and happiness.



Research by (Barnard & Curry, 2011). Neff (2003b), says that self-compassion consists of 3 main components:

  1. Self Kindness vs. Self Judgement
  2. Common Humanity vs. Isolation
  3. Mindfulness vs. Over Identification

A Mantra I use from Positive Psychology (you know I love Mantras – see post on Mantras)

In a seated position, place your hands on heart. Say out loud:

“I am having a really hard time” Repeat several times

“This is part of being a human being” Repeat several times

“May I be gentle and understanding with myself” Repeat several times

“I am worthy of receiving self-compassion” Repeat it several times

If you want to thrive more, if you want to be more resilient, if you want to want to live a more meaningful life, if you want to find love – first and foremost find self-compassion!