I am worthy of love and respect

Mantras are life changing.

Thank you Brene Brown for introducing me to the power of Mantras! I use them daily and so do my clients. You have a challenge, I’ll present you a mantra. My definition of a mantra is: Your scared phrase that resets your limiting patterns to know what you are capable of.

Some of my favorite mantras are: I choose joy at all times, My heart is full of love… I am grateful, and one I borrowed one from Brene Brown “I Choose discomfort over resentment”.

If you are looking for love right now and have been frustrated in finding it, create a mantra for your thought that holds you back. Lets use this thought as an example: Love hasn’t worked for me in the past. A good mantra for that could be: I am deserving of love and happiness now.

Steps to using a mantra with the 3 A’s:

  1. Become AWARE of your limiting thought pattern
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE your limiting thought pattern
  3. Create a Mantra that is uplifting, positive and is so powerful that it will reset you
  4.  ACCEPT and love yourself anyway by saying your Mantra 5 times with passion

Science has now proven that for every one negative thought  you must say 5 positive thoughts.

Your homework when you read this is to identify what’s holding you back, create a mantra and repeat it 5 times. Your mood will be more elevated, you will have a sense of calm and then be able to be in a better state for manifesting the love of your life.

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