Bill & Matt

Bill & Matt



I am always inspired by each of the couples I interview. All are in love and their relationships work for different reasons. For Bill and Matt, I could see how thoughtful they are with each other, and it really warmed my heart.

The two met on and honestly both had low expectations about the process. But from the first meetup online, they thought the other was attractive so starting corresponding for a few months before finally deciding to meet up over dinner. And both are glad they did take that chance! According to Matt, “I knew right away that I wanted to meet him again” since Bill was smart, attractive and interesting. Bill fell for how sweet and genuine Matt is, and from that first date realized, “I wanted to know him better.”

As they started dating, they discovered they shared a lot of the same values and interests. Bill was happy to have someone who had similar dreams and ambitions. Matt dreams big and to Bill, it was so great “finding someone who thought, ‘why not?’ rather than thinking something is impossible.” They are both very supportive of each other’s passions, whether it is things they do together or passions they enjoy separately. Both are very considerate of the other’s feelings, which helps them work through conflicts together. When one wants to talk about something, the other is there and listening, supporting the other. It’s obvious the respect and trust they have for each other runs

They recently took another exciting step in their relationship – they bought a house together! Something this big can be a very difficult time for a couple. But both Bill and Matt have loved it and worked hard together to make it a home. To Matt, “Home is very sacred to me. That’s where I get my batteries recharged. And it’s where I like Bill to be, too.” Bill loves when the two of them and their cat Mimi (soon to be joined by a dog!) spend time on the couch, just enjoying being with each other. They have made a lot of decisions together, but have no problem letting the other one lead if he’s feeling more confident in the decision. It’s not always easy, but what really helps is that they are both focused on making a comfortable home with each other.

I think one of the keys to their blissful relationship is that Bill and Matt share a very deep value of family. Both their blood relatives and their friends are very important to both of them. They spent last Christmas with Matt’s family, and this year, they’ll celebrate the holiday with Bill’s family. Matt has always been out to his family, and says that he loves how much they love Bill and “how much they are proud of our relationship.” Bill feels the same way and loved the fact that one of the first people to come visit them in the house was Matt’s brother. Bill’s siblings – three sisters and one brother – all came out to meet Matt in February and along with the seven nieces and nephews (soon to be eight!) cannot wait to see each other again in December.

During the interview, both Matt and Bill felt it was really nice to take the time and reflect on the relationship and all the good things you love about your partner and who you are together. They walked away with even a bit more sweetness than when they came in (if that’s possible!) So why not try doing that today with your partner? I know you’ll fall in love all over again.

Loving all the love,
Miss Bliss