Shane & Darvy

Shane & Darvy


“This is just something to remind you of me when we’re not around each other.” – Darvy

It’s hard not to fall in love with how warm and kind Shane and Darvy are. You can see that they’re just crazy about each other and after sitting down with them, I was left with a smile on my face for the rest of the evening.

These two lovers met about three years ago at a singles event in the Castro. Despite Shane being sick with bronchitis, the two still had a strong chemistry. So much so that when Shane left the bar without leaving his phone number, Darvy chased him down the street to get it! Shane says he had a “crazy attraction” to Darvy’s dark hair and eyes, and Darvy loved Shane’s funny personality. They met up for a first date about a week later at the same place, and both remember there being great chemistry, easy conversation and most importantly, lots of laughs!

In the beginning their relationship was very casual. They were both dating other hot, single guys and could go a couple of days without seeing each other. But it only took about two or three weeks for them to realize that there was something sweet and special about their connection – Darvy with his genuine and sweet laugh had charmed his way into Shane’s heart. Even so, they each had the same doubts about the status of their relationship as many single, gay men out there. They both wondered if they were spending too much time together and asked themselves, “How long is this going to last?” But the more time they spent together, the more those doubts just faded away and they realized that what they had was so much more than a fling.

They became exclusive after a few months of dating and around this time marked one of their most special evenings together. They were sitting at dinner enjoying lovely conversation and dessert when Darvy gave Shane a special gift which, to this day, symbolizes their relationship. The gift was a watch and as Darvy gave it Shane he said, “This is just something to remind you of me when we’re not around each other.” Love was definitely in the air that night! Since that evening Shane and Darvy have been inseparable. They’ve now taken trips all over the world to such amazing destinations as Spain, New York, Paris, New Orleans and Key West. It’s hard to travel so much with one person but you can see from the way they look at each other and the way they laugh together that they have a wonderful relationship. As Darvy says when asked what makes a successful relationship, “Laughing a lot. If you can laugh with each other – that’s a main sticking point.”

They’re often very busy with work and hobbies but as Shane and Darvy pass three years together, they still manage to keep the romance and passion alive and popping in their relationship. Regardless of the changes they have experienced, either personally or professionally, they still make time for each other by having ‘Shane & Darvy’ nights and staying extremely supportive of each other even as their lives take new and unexpected turns.

With romance, passion, and laughter still going for them after nearly three years, I see nothing but beautiful things for the future of their relationship.