The 5 Love Languages: Physical Touch

The 5 Love Languages: Physical TouchThe final Love Language, according to Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, is Physical Touch and it’s arguably the  most fun language to speak. But it’s not all about the bedroom.

One of the best things about having a partner who speaks this language is how easy it is to recognize. We all know people who are very “touchy.” They freely give hugs [and sometimes kisses], pats on the back, thoughtful touches on the arm and other small physical gestures. With people they know well, it can show up as hand-holding and touches in more intimate places such as the face or hip. Even playing footsie.

Remember that people who speak this language aren’t necessarily “coming on to you.” Physical touch is how they express emotions. This can be excitement, concern, care, or love – among many others. It’s the very definition of body language.

Also remember that physical presence and accessibility are crucial, while neglect can signal to him that you simply don’t care. So try the power of intentional touch with your partner, even if you don’t think you can fully embrace it. You can start small and take baby steps. And you can experiment with all kinds of touch in all kinds of places. Talk about fun! In fact, consider that your homework. Go touch your partner. Then you’ll see how powerful and transformative it can be.