About Us

About Us

I’m Soniyah & I love love.

More specifically, I’m in love with helping people be the love they want.

My clients tell me I’m passionate, warm, magnetic and fiery.

A born relationship coach.

While matchmaking is woven through my family’s culture, it was by accident that I discovered my life’s driving passion.

It’s what I feel I was put on this earth to do.

Finding Bliss

At Finding Bliss, we believe that something as important as finding true love shouldn’t just be left to an algorithm. When it comes to matters of the heart and finding that special someone, the human touch is essential.

Don’t you think you should be able to look into the eyes of the person you’re entrusting with your heart?

We do, so if you’re ready to find love, contact Soniyah for a discovery session now.

Stages of Finding Bliss


With the motto: Outsource your love life, Finding Bliss was founded, a traditional matchmaking company exclusively working with gay men.


Relationship coaching was added to her matchmaking services after clients found love on their own with what Soniyah called “Feedback Sessions” at the time.


Began teaching the appreciation languages workshop with non-profits, universities, schools, and companies.


Explored working with other orientations besides gay men with relationship coaching only.


Started speaking about the Love Research.


Launched Finding Bliss 2.0. Started working with all sexual orientations. Founded Empowered Matchmaking. Began work with Couples.

2020 And Beyond

Launched Finding Bliss 3.0

Online workshops.

Love Conversations with influencers who validate the Research.

Initiated Love Stories book in Telluride, CO. (coming soon in 2023-2024)

Incubated Loved Mantras deck, Loving What Is in Mount Shasta, CA.

Guided Love Immersions on Sacred land.

For those who like a bit more about our evolution……

Almost sixteen years ago now I signed up with a local matchmaking service. I was looking for love. But life got in the way; the day before I was contacted with my first match I was laid off from my job. The CEO of the matchmaking company and I clicked, so rather than matching me, I became her right-hand woman and personal assistant. This led to a full-time matchmaking position at the company! And this ‘accidental’ career move opened up a whole new world for me.

In fact, a light went off. I got clarity and certainty, helping people make deep and meaningful connections was my life’s passion. And I was good at it. I believe when you’re passionate about something, it’s not work.

Although I learned so much from this great experience, I still wasn’t fulfilled. It just wasn’t the job for me. The most important revelation in my development was that I knew I wanted to work on building relationships, and not just for a dating service. Knowing this, I joined another matchmaking company, this time for gay men. I felt safe and so did my clients. There was no possibility of a conflict of interest.

And then something else happened…

During a transformational session with a gay client, while making a huge breakthrough for him, I unearthed something deep within me: my own sexuality. My breakthrough was life-changing. I recognized and embraced myself as a gay woman. Already close to gay men, this deep spiritual revelation gave me an even deeper and more profound connectedness with my gay male clients.

I realized something else; I could no longer work for another person’s company. So, I took the plunge and in 2009 created Finding Bliss.

Spreading the healing power of love became my passion. My reason for being. My own bliss.

Since forming my own company I’ve helped many wonderful people find love. In doing so I’ve discovered that finding true love requires clear intention and the right mindset. I coach my clients to transcend the same fears I’ve had to overcome in my own journey: fear of acceptance and rejection. Each of us must face down these primal fears so that we can open ourselves and allow love to find its way in.

My ongoing Love Research confirmed that while many clients found love, a majority found love without needing my help as matchmaker.

I asked myself why? And continued researching while I was also coaching people on how to open themselves up to love. The results startled me. The magic of finding love didn’t depend on a matchmaker’s introduction, it depended on the mindset of the client. Love can be anywhere: the channels are infinite. You can find it walking down the street. In an airport or with a matchmaker. It’s in the world, all around you. As a coach I help you dive deep into yourself to repair thought-patterns, beliefs and behaviors, get to the source and shift the beliefs and behaviors. A few years into the research I began understanding patterns and behaviors of people who found love and nurtured long-term thriving relationships and I also understand the patterns of those still struggling. The net for my clients. If intentions are clear. If you are open to love. You will find it! It’s all about your mindset being in alignment with your intent. It really starts with loving yourself.

So after years of traditional matchmaking, I expanded my practice to empowered matchmaking in 2016, still making matches if I have two people who are meant for each other, relationship coaching, and interviewing inspiring couples in my ongoing Love Research. 

My research is never finished because I believe the best people are always growing and expanding their horizons. I continue to work endlessly with coaches, guides and my teachers to evolve my practice.

In 2016, with the launch of Finding Bliss 2.0 I started my work with singles, couples and workplaces.

The Love Research is quite exceptional at this point. In November of 2020 in the midst of a pandemic , I launched Finding Bliss 3.0. I started having profound Love Conversations with people from all walks of life who validate the research through their knowings! I am now in the middle of writing an extraordinary book of Heart-opening stories of real struggle and real love, the journey of doing what I like to call the Heartwork.

My dream is that you’ll one day see me in a soul session with Oprah Winfrey about my discoveries about relationships and love.

After all,  Love is Inevitable to anyone willing to do Heartwork.

The Heartwork shows the medicine is compassion, curiosity, love, acceptance and more. Changing our perception of love, relationships, pleasure, men, women, changes our reality. As we practice our Heartwork by understanding what happened to us and the barriers we co-created around finding love from this lens of curiosity, we create an inevitable change that’s reflected in our world. The research shows our external world is a reflection of our internal world.

Love yourself and Love Ripples.

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