Finding Bliss Couples

Are you having a really hard time right now?

Are you being triggered by your relationship?

Are you frustrated with yourself for being impatient?

All the while, the connection is still there, the desire to love is present.

The good news is the struggle is real; and so is the love.

Through Finding Bliss coaching you will learn how to be gentle, compassionate and loving towards yourself and your partner. Soniyah works with each partner individually to get to the source of the problem and ignite the passion back into the relationship. Through her research, Soniyah has found that the source of the problem is usually not the dynamic of the relationship itself; it’s the relationship you have with yourself that’s in the way of you being fully open to receiving love from your partner.

Once Soniyah sees that each partner is falling in love with themselves, she then merges the sessions to facilitate a healthy, supportive, loving and thriving relationship with each other.

Coaching services are available in the US & Canada. 


What Our Clients Have to Say

When I first met with Soniyah Singh we both felt that there was an instant connection. Her energy and understanding of relationships goes much deeper then anyone that you will ever meet. She is a great listener; she is compassionate and is truly an amazing person that understands the needs and wants of the people that she meets with. She is not just a match maker but more of a person that you just want to tell everything too. As a gay man, I realized that talking to Soniyah about my relationship with my partner helped bring out all of the qualities and feelings that were not easy to put into words, but Soniyah allowed me to express all of my true feelings...

My relationship was in a very tough place with a lot of disconnect and distance.  After Soniyah led my partner and I through her Love Languages workshop, we feel dramatically more in sync and loving towards one another.  Her session with us was a catalyst for instant, profound connection.  She created a space filled with love and ease so we could be vulnerable with one another.  Soniyah is brilliant and gifted. She is dynamic; she touches the deepest of levels all while being light and loving. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to profoundly connect with their partner or loved one. Soniyah's work is genuine and powerful.