The Power of Love

Online Course

Finding the love you want by loving yourself

Real Struggle. Real Love.

The Power of Love is an 8-week online course that is heart opening. For the first time, Soniyah Singh is taking her 10+ years of Love Research to create an online course that will create the love you want in your life by loving yourself.

Whether you’re in a relationship already or single and looking for new love, this course will help you reveal your barriers to love, understand your limiting stories of love with compassion and curiosity and create a new story of love you want.

The course is interactive, video-based, full of daily and weekly Heartwork for you to take the steps to creating the love you want in your life.

This course is perfect for you if you are:

  • Single, dating or in a relationship
  • Open minded, see the value in investing in yourself.
  • Coachable, willing to see outside your current realm.
  • Want sustainable and longterm change

If you want to get to know yourself, reveal parts of you that are ready to be awaked, discover parts of you that are ready to be healed and transformed, then this course is for YOU.

Disclaimer: If your mindset is ‘fix my problems’ or ‘find my match’, then this course is not for you.

Soniyah is a brilliantly gifted and intuitive relationship coach; I can’t recommend her highly enough. She dives deep — yet is also light-hearted and radiates love. She studies her craft thoroughly, and then applies all her learning in a way that very personally addresses my own experience. Soniyah has helped me unlock defenses that therapy failed to touch; especially, she has given me hope.  Soniyah makes you feel like you want her in your life forever!

Penny, Oakland

Meet Soniyah Singh

Your Love Coach, Soniyah Singh will be leading this heart opening course. Soniyah has been studying people and doing Love Research for over 10 years. She’s worked with hundreds and thousands of people, getting to understand the matter of love and the heart on a soul level. She has deeply studied the patterns, the mindset, the beliefs, the behaviors, feelings and emotions of people that are having positive movement forward who have struggled, and with the steps to love, they find the love they have been longing for. She has helped hundreds of people move past their struggles and barriers with their willingness and breakthrough to the love they want.

She wholeheartedly believes that she only works with people that she is meant to be of service to. Soniyah believes in everyone, however only personally works with people she feels are open and truly see the value in investing in themselves.

Soniyah is one of those incredible humans who makes you feel amazing just by being in the same room. She has spent quite a few years researching love — why do people fall in love? What are the barriers? What holds couples together? I knew that I wanted her guidance to help strengthen my new relationship and ensure that we could develop a deep loving bond that would only grow stronger over time.

Janet, San Francisco

Enrollment and selection process

Coming soon in 2020

Steps for enrollment:

  1. Get on the Waitlist
  2. Receive an email with course details
  3. Complete a Questionnaire
  4. Soniyah will do a thorough Discovery and Selection process
  5. Wait to receive your email about the steps to get started for The Power of Love

Mark your calendar now!

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Soniyah has a gift for connecting people. From the moment I met her I felt appreciated and understood. She is not only a great listener but the most genuinely altruistic person out there. Soniyah is passionate about building relationships and helping people grow. I have met some amazing people through Soniyah and she has influenced me to get out of my comfort zone and experience things I thought I wasn’t good at. She has helped a couple of my friends be the best version of themselves so that reflect what they deserve. I am so thankful I met Soniyah and her energy is one of a kind. When it comes to coaching what really matters is trust and knowledge. She has all the knowledge in the world when it comes to building relationships and she’s trustworthy because she has the a gift for human connection. Thank you for inspiring us Soniyah!

Bryant, San Francisco

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