Finding Bliss Singles

Are you frustrated and disappointed with being alone, wondering when you will find your one big love?

Are you scared to open to love again?

Do you think you don’t have the time to find love?

You’re about to embark on the journey of finding true love. To be fully open to the possibility, you must be ready and open to accepting love into your life.

That is exactly what Finding Bliss is about! Finding Bliss Signature Coaching focuses on cultivating the love for yourself and finding a partner who is aligned with your long-term values.

Soniyah helps you open to receiving love in a safe and confidential space. Together, you will identify your intentions, goals and vision and what is getting in the way of creating the love you want.

Coaching services are available in the US & Canada.


What Our Clients Have to Say

I cannot say enough about Finding Bliss and Soniyah. When I signed up I though I was getting help with meeting potential men for relationships and what I got was a sense of self  and a sense that anything is possible. Soniyah is a powerful woman and I trust her totally. Finding Bliss and Soniyah have exceeded my expectations and we are not done yet!

Working with Finding Bliss empowered me again. I spoke my mind freely and answered all the questions Soniyah asked, it made me realize that I feared the idea of a relationship. I had been completely closed off to my emotions and to anyone who tried to get close to me. Soniyah made me realize that I needed to accept and allow myself to heal from and to forgive the past. Having done so, I found my heart again. I took a giant leap of faith and have never been happier. Thank you Soniyah Singh!

I am the lucky one to be Soniyah’s first female client. I signed up as a client with Soniyah a few months ago and have been going through the coaching sessions. When I first met Soniyah I immediately felt at ease with her and I was excited to hear about her matchmaking process. By now, I feel very close to Soniyah and I know she really understands who I am and cares about me. I know she is working hard for me and it is just a matter of time before I find a match.

I have hired matchmakers before, and never felt as if the matchmaker took the time to get to know me. The matchmakers I’ve worked with before had a pool of clients that they tried to match me with, which is really too small a number of potential matches.


Soniyah is an amazing matchmaker.  She really takes the time to get to know you in depth so she can find the absolute best match for me.  The part of love most about the service is Soniyah carefully interviews potential matches for me and really gets to know them.  She is able to screen out people that are simply not right for me which saves me lots of time and emotional heartache. Soniyah has a keen sense for people and who would fit well together.  She is also just a delight to work with.

I have no problem meeting guys. My problem is that I meet the wrong guys. I was reluctant to hire a matchmaker at first. I've known Soniyah for over a year. Every time I saw her it was like the big pink elephant in the room. Finally, after yet another disastrous encounter of the gay male alien kind I began to think... I don't dry clean my own shirts or change the oil on my own car... (I guess I could) so why not just save time and trouble and hire a professional! Yes, I outsourced my love life!

Working with Soniyah has been fantastic! The coaching sessions alone have been worth their weight in gold. I have found out so much about myself. Where I've been, where I want to go, who I have been with and who I deserve to be with in the future. Soniyah has empowered me with a new found perspective that I do deserve true love and I don't have to settle or compromise in order to find it...

I'd like to tell you all about the most wonderful experience that my partner Gary & I had with Soniyah Singh, our personal match-maker.  I decided to give her a new title: Miss Bliss. Gary & I are deliriously happy together, and it would never have happened without Soniyah's expertise.

Like most of us, Gary & I have very busy schedules.  We're both professionals with demanding jobs that leave little time to meet people for possible dating relationships.  To add to this, I'm 52 years old and I've never been in a meaningful relationship, so this was all new, exciting territory for me!


It's a rarity in today's world to find people who actually are truly in love with their occupation.. Such is the case with Soniyah.. When you meet her, you can't help but feel the vibe that emanates from her - she truly does want to find you the love of your lifetime.. And she will do so in a completely classy, dignified way.. But with just the right level of fun injected to calm your jitters.. Dedicated, professional, articulate, humorous, caring.. What more could you ask in the person who shall represent you to others?

Your methods definitely work! I’ve been happily seeing Austin for the past few months, using your lessons and this morning he told me that he loved me….we are living together and are very happily in love. I’m very fortunate to have met someone that gets me and I feel like I’ve definitely found my person

Working with Soniyah has been nothing short of an incredible transformative experience.  I can't rave about her enough! Soniyah is a phenomenon. She is intuitive, talented and masterful.  I have a powerful sense of self as a result of the work we have done together.  She asked me to define my vision when we first started. In all honesty, I knew what I wanted but never actually thought that I could have it. In a matter of months, I feel ALIVE. I am a work in a progress but the vision I set out for- I now enjoy the richness of everyday.  I have new goals to set and am functioning at a new heightened level.  She facilitates the process of self-love and mindfulness with such compassion and talent; I am incredibly grateful for her. I recommend her to everyone I know.  She is brilliant.