Finding Bliss Fan

Do you know someone who is a great catch and single?

Do you know a couple that is frustrated in their relationship?

Do you know of a company that wants to increase productivity by creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace?

Send them to Soniyah!

90% of Soniyah’s clients come from personal introductions because
they feel safe and trust the person who introduced them.

The 4-steps to creating a powerful introduction:

1.   Build trust

Listen and connect to what your loved one is looking for and repeat something they have shared with you.

For example: “I know you’ve mentioned that you’re frustrated.”

2.   Edify your loved one or colleague

Give them a genuine compliment.

3.   Edify Soniyah

Give a genuine compliment

For example: “Soniyah is really skilled at what she does, she has helped hundreds of people get the love they want.”

4.   Follow-up

“Would you like me to introduce you to Soniyah via e-mail or have her call you?”


What Our Clients Have to Say

Soniyah was kind enough to host an event for singles & couples seeking love in our apartment community.  She spoke eloquently and had some wonderful tips/ advice to share with our residents.   Everyone was receptive to the icebreakers and activities she had planned, making it a successful event.  It definitely seemed as if everyone left feeling hopeful about their personal relationships.

I would recommend Soniyah to anyone looking for a relationship or already in one because we all have to something to learn about building a lasting and healthy love life!

Soniyah graciously accepted an invitation to be the special guest speaker at a themed cocktail event for the non-profit organization where I work. We couldn't have been more pleased with the program she created for our event, which focused on dating in San Francisco and how to make deeper connections.  Soniyah opened up the program with an ice-breaker activity based on Gary Chapman's 5 Love Languages. While the roughly 40 guests sipped cocktails, Soniyah facilitated an interactive discussion about the group's Love-Languages quiz findings. Guests participated freely in this lively discussion thanks to Soniyah's sweet, funny, and bubbly personality, as well as her skill at keeping guests engaged in the conversation...

Soniyah has a gift for connecting people. From the moment I met her I felt appreciated and understood. She is not only a great listener but the most genuinely altruistic person out there. Soniyah is passionate about building relationships and helping people grow. I have met some amazing people through Soniyah and she has influenced me to get out of my comfort zone and experience things I thought I wasn't good at. She has helped a couple of my friends be the best version of themselves so that reflect what they deserve. I am so thankful I met Soniyah and her energy is one of a kind. When it comes to coaching what really matters is trust and knowledge. She has all the knowledge in the world when it comes to building relationships and she's trustworthy because she has the a gift for human connection. Thank you for inspiring us Soniyah!

Soniyah has been a wonderful presence in my classroom, where I teach fundamentals of healthy relationship to college students. Soniyah has come in on multiple occasions to discuss the Five Love Languages, I have now made it and required part of my class.   Soniyah has a wonderful gift of connecting with a range of students, allowing them to feel hear and engaging even the quietest of students.  She is able to build an instant bond with the class, and by the end of the presentation, they are sad to see her go.  Her content is also incredibly relevant for my students, they are able to understand their own, and others, communication styles.  From this understanding , they are able to develop tools for communicating better in both their personal and professional relationships.

We are a group of financial advisors and analysts and when I booked Soniyah to come speak to our team - I almost cancelled at the last minute fearing we’d not be amused talking about “love” in the board room.   Well just the opposite happened not surprising.  We left the room energized, knowing how each of us really felt about giving and receive love (even at work).  Today we keep a public, detailed list of our uniqueness  (team member’s languages) so we get a daily reminder of how best to communicate in the workplace.” Jim Rosenau

Soniyah is a brilliantly gifted and intuitive relationship coach; I can't recommend her highly enough. She dives deep -- yet is also light-hearted and radiates love. She studies her craft thoroughly, and then applies all her learning in a way that very personally addresses my own experience. Soniyah has helped me unlock defenses that therapy failed to touch; especially, she has given me hope.  Soniyah makes you feel like you want her in your life forever!